event.preventDefault(); It is, however, made up of several distinct and charming villages including Servoz, Les Houches, Les Bossons, Les Praz, Les Tines, Argentière, Montroc, Le Tour and, at the top of the valley, Vallorcine. $('#boutoncarte').empty(); var page = '22'; $( ".legend.opened" ).switchClass( "opened", "closed", 400 ); BEWARE: Our Domains are closed and not secure. if( moteurmotcle.length > 2 ) controlNav :"thumbnails", alert(xhr.responseText); event.preventDefault(); animation: 'slide', Map view. Chamonix-Mont-Blanc: highest ski resorts . animation: 'slide', success: function (data) { Snow cover can be patchy lower down in Chamonix, but most of your skiing time will be spent at high altitude, where snow conditions are generally reliable. $('#rando-slider').flexslider({ data: 'page=' + page + '&nom_depart_arret=' + encodeURIComponent(depart_arret) + '&nom_arrivee_arret=' + arrivee_arret + '&version=' + version + '&nom_ligne=' + ligne + '&ling=' + ling, }); It is because the pistes are located at such high altitudes that snow coverage is excellent and reliably so. $('#top').removeClass("floatable"); // si validation entree validation moteur de recherche avancee + scroll vers carte Les Grands Montets, in Argentiere, allows endless exploring at a high altitude, with long pistes and off piste skiing. Hiver Eté : Aravis: Bauges: Bornes ... Savoie au départ de la télécabine, un plateau pour les skieurs débutants, moyens et avancés, et de très belles pistes noires plongeant sur Chamonix, piste Charles Bozon. animationDuration: 1000 $('#resultatajax').hide(); Some of these are among the highest altitudes in the world, serviced by myriad ski lifts of a variety of types to ensure everyone has access to the runs they wish to experience. setHeight(o[i]); ? el.text() == el.data("text-swap") Chamonix Mont-Blanc Tourist Office presents you the 3 ski areas of Chamonix: Les Grands Montets, Brévent - Flégère, le domaine de Balme. animationDuration: 1000 Although not the largest ski areas in the world, the main word here is quantity not quality. if(e.which == 13) { }); $.ajax({ Its different grounds enable you to become initiated to some pleasant skiing on gentle slopes, and also offer exceptional off-pist skiing in the forest. if(obj.addEventListener) }, 1000, 'swing', function() { $('#test #moins').toggle( ); $('#fiche-slider').flexslider({ Today, SERAC manages 6 establishments present on 5 domains (Aiguille du Midi, Brévent, Flégère, Grands Montets and Charamillon). Short Forecast for the next 3 days for 2440 m altitude Issued: Tuesday 20 January 2015, 12 am local time. $( ".closed" ).switchClass( "closed", "opened", 400 ); $( ".agrandir2" ).click(function(){ }); animation: 'slide', $('#fiche-evenement-slider').flexslider({ $('.topmenu').mouseenter(function() { }); $('#menutitre4').click(function() { pauseOnHover: false, } Access. $('#sousmenu3').hide(); $('#boutoncarte').show(); $( '#zoom' ).click(function() { });*/ } /*slider pas smartphone (animation fade & slide)*/ var fiche_sitra = ''; } data: '&page=' + page + '&moteurmotcle=' + moteurmotcle + '&ling=' + ling, Enjoy the exceptional ski area of Chamonix: long slopes, skiing through the trees, freeride and off-piste, beginners slopes. //alert (depart_arret); Dedicated beginner slopes, I’ll cover in a future post. Prepare for your Vallee Blanche adventure with this data. Transportation is free for Guest Card holders. $("input[id='moteur']").keyup(function() { The Chamonix Valley seen from La Flégère with the Mont Blanc in the background. ), Courmayeur (Italy), • 4 world famous visitor attractions: L'Aiguille du Midi, Le Train de Montenvers-Mer de Glace, Le Tramway du Mont-Blanc (France), Le Funivie Monte Bianco (Italy), 2 adults + 1 young = free for other children Access. $('#dezoom').hide(); Graian Alps (3842 m), 2. Ski Areas, Pistes & Parks ... Chamonix is known as Europe's capital of extreme sports. }); }, $('#boutoncarte').append(data).find('#boutoncarte').html(data); Chamonix Le Pass is for those who prefer to ski at slightly lower altitudes on more intermediate pistes, around the local Chamonix area. if(tab[i].type == 'checkbox') tab[i].checked = false; $('#fiche-slider').flexslider({ success: function (data) { Chamonix-Entrêves daily connections by bus included in pass. Brévent is the ski area close to Chamonix center. One pass, 100% ski. Low Bella, 965 hpa over Wales, expected 978 towards Picardy later, then filling towards 985 over Denmark on … From the summit one has a spectacular 360° view. $('#top-slider').flexslider({ En fonction des conditions, profitez de l’ouverture crescendo des pistes de Tignes jusqu’à l’ouverture de la liaison Tignes – Val d’Isère. Discover this area in an atmosphere of alpine meadows perfect for families and all categories of skiers. //$('#showresults').slideDown('slow') Must-ski: don't miss the superb Point de Vue black pite that runs alongside the Grands Montets and finishes at the bottom of Argentière Glacier. }); $('#bloc-slider').flexslider({ //$('#showresults').slideDown('slow') $( '.agrandir2' ).click(function() { $('#infopromo-slider').flexslider({ /* menu mouseover*/ $(document).on('click','#groupelegende', function(){ }); } Chamonix. $( ".closed" ).switchClass( "closed", "opened", 300 ); Aspect North, In the shadow in the morning. $('#sousmenu1').fadeIn('200'); animation: 'slide', $('#infobus').show(); }) }); var urllocation = 'skis-areas' + moteurmotcle + ',22,en.html'; Coat of arms. > www.chamonix-guides.com ; > www.odyssee-montagne.fr. }. function addEvent(obj, evType, fn){ $('#promo-slider').flexslider({ /*position declenchement module reservation desktop*/ $('#fiche-evenement-slider').flexslider({ Family skiing in Chamonix? • 6 exceptional ski areas : Brévent-Flégère, Les Grands Montets, Balme/Le Tour-Vallorcine, Les Houches (France) - Verbier-4 vallées (Switzerland) (. Directly on the slopes. L’application Chamonix vous donne les clés du domaine Chamonix Mont-Blanc... Cette application fournit tous les services dont vous pouvez rêver pour votre séjour : le plan des pistes interactif avec les pistes ouvertes, votre position GPS sur les pistes en direct, la météo et les conditions d'enneigement, les restaurants d'altitude, les webcams, les numéros des secours, les infos utiles. $( ".opened" ).switchClass( "opened", "closed", 300 ); $('#dezoom').show(); Chalet Altitude 1057 est un chalet traditionnel au centre du village de Chamonix et il permet d' accéder à toutes les activités de la vallée sans voiture tout en étant dans un quartier résidentiel historique mais très silencieux. A magic ski experience, around seracs and crevasses until the welcoming break at the Requin hut . var ligne = $("select[name='nom_ligne'] > option:selected").val(); $('#sousmenu2').hide(); function setHeight(e){ « Belle place » to Vallorcine from La tête de Balme. The ski resort Aiguille du Midi (Chamonix) is the highest ski resort in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. 1200 m altitude, près de CHAMONIX Mont Blanc, utilisation Eté comme Hiver, idéalement situé à 300 m du téléphérique (Lognan/Grands Montets 3300 m), très calme, entièrement rénové en 2006 et en 2010, à proximité des pistes. }, Mont Blanc Unlimited Ski Pass This is the skipass that does everything - giving you access to 3 countries, 10 different ski areas and Chamonix’s 3 main visitor attractions. The ski resort Aiguille du Midi (Chamonix) 2,807 m has the biggest elevation difference of all ski resorts in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. }); Le Brevent- Is just a few minutes drive from the chalet. More information about the history of the Chamonix ski resort can be seen in the PDF attachment to this post. These 2 ski areas have been linked by a cable and offer one of the most outstanding panoramas of the Alps. } addEvent(window,'load', doIframe); Benefits : 2 adults + 1 child = free for other children. This Chamonix Snow Alert and 3 day meteo Chamonix forecast is brought to you by snow-forecast.com. 30 km of pistes, start of Le Tour or Vallorcine. $('.rando').addClass("floatable"); url: 'include-carte-ajax.php', type: 'POST', Here the Chamonix ski area: Grands Montets, located in Argentière, with 3 pistes reaching the altitude of 3300 m. and offering an extraordinary view … Chamonix ski pass: the Chamonix Le Pass pass opens the doors to all Chamonix ski areas for fun skiing on slopes between 1000 and 2500 m altitude. Because of the altitude and aspect, the snow remains in condition here until late spring. $(window).ready(function() { var page = '22'; complete: function (xhr, status) { var ling = 'en'; $('#top').addClass("floatable"); }); url: 'include-bus-ajax.php', }); $('#test #moins').hide( ); $(document).on('change keyup','#nom_depart_arret, #nom_arrivee_arret, #nom_ligne', function() { : el.text(el.data("text-swap")); e.height = e.contentWindow.document.body.scrollHeight; ? slideshowSpeed: 4000, /* empecher android d'envoyer vers les liens TOP */ $( ".opened" ).switchClass( "opened", "closed", 400 ); }); © copyright 2020 : Office de Tourisme de la vallée de Chamonix-Mont-Blanc - Tous droits réservés. The downside is there's limited accommodation adjacent to lifts. $('#sousmenu1').toggle('200'); var el = $(this); { }); $(this).parent().scrollTo({top:'+=300px', left:'+=0'}, 800); Chamonix-Mont-Blanc – switch to. slideshowSpeed: 4000, obj.addEventListener(evType, fn,false); var version = ''; Actually no, there’s so much to do with kids on Chamonix’s pistes . Map Search Limit by region. Domaines skiables de Chamonix (Haute-Savoie). pauseOnHover: false, $('.descriptiondetaille').addClass("hover",1000, "easeOutQuart"); animationDuration: 1000 var tab = new Array(); $( ".btn-submit" ).click(function(){ addEvent(o[i],'load', doIframe); In the sunshine facing Mont Blanc, pure joy! } $('#menutitre3').click(function(event){ if (document.getElementById && document.createTextNode){ }); As skiing area for beginners in the middle of Les Houches, with night skiing on Thursdays! }, animationDuration: 1000 With its north-facing slopes reaching almost 3300m, Les Grand Montets has a particularly good snow record and is open until early May. $("#zoom").click(function() { $( ".reduire" ).click(function(){ for(i=0;i option:selected").val(); It was the site of the first Winter Olympics in 1924. }); slideshowSpeed: 6000, }); Even if you’re not an out-and-out gravity sports junkie, you’ll still be able to get yourself up to the top of the Aiguille du Midi téléphérique – a cable car with the highest vertical ascent in the world – taking you from 1035 metres in Chamonix centre to the 3842 metre summit of the Aiguille du Midi. animationDuration: 1000 animationDuration: 1000 slideshowSpeed: 6000, animationDuration: 1000 The resort is open and busy all year round, which makes Chamonix a fairly unique destination in the French Alps. animationDuration: 1000 Chamonix Bus: free access to the bus station with Chamonix Le Pass > Mont Blanc Unlimited (400km of pistes) 1pass… 3 countries : slideshowSpeed: 6000, } You operate under your own responsibility. animationDuration: 1000 $(document).scrollTo('#my_osm_widget_map1',{duration:'fast', offsetTop : '4'}); Advanced skiers have plenty of tough terrain at Les Grands Montets and the famous off piste Vallee Blanche run from the L’Aiguille du Midi.. $('#moteur').focus(); animation: 'slide', { Toutes les chambres ont leur pièce d'eau indépendante (douche, lavabo, toilette, chauffe-serviette). }); animationDuration: 800 { Something for all abilities. Chamonix-Courmayeur : SAT free shuttle from the MBU 2 days (depending on availability). el.text(el.data("text-original")) pauseOnHover: false, $('#sousmenu2').hide(); In 2017, it had a population of 8,611. var el = $(this); Get info now. $('#test').animate({ Domaine skiable Brévent - Flégère Chamonix-Mont-Blanc : Telefonbuch Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. $('#infobus').empty(); $('#loupe').on('click',function() { }, controlNav :"thumbnails", } $(document).keypress(function(e) { $.ajax({ }); return r; Le depart des pistes les plus hautes aux Grands Montets Chamonixa 3300 metres d'altitude

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