It is not permitted to make changes to the roof rack. 8. Air-Camping: to live a magical adventure to the full. Paying homage to the history of rooftop tents, the Air Camping fabric tent is still made in Italy in the Autohome factory according to the original design and manufacturing processes. The doors are large and provide easy access to the tent. Nothing further is required! There is an absolute minimum of stitching and no plasticized materials are used. The breathable fabric reduces the heat inside the tent and, above all, keeps the tent dry, preventing condensation and unpleasant odours. A significant homage to the products her himself uses on his adventure trips. Just pull a rope and the shell closes without climbing onto the vehicle. Ever since then our hard shell roof top tents have been the choice of expeditions on all seven continents. The Air Top employs gas-ram activated lift arms and opens quickly and effortlessly. All AutoHome roof top tents are supplied ready for use right out of the box—just mount to your standard roof rack cross bars, add bedding, and go! Cabine vestiaire. FIXING. Our products … Bodenstandfüss . 3. Air-camping. Significant improvements over the standard Maggiolina models include a longer mattress (now 80″—6’8″ of stretch out space! The result is a compact tent which doesn’t flap in the breeze, like the rivals of Autohome®. 2 - Exclusive hinge system allowing the two halves of the tent base to “lock” together. 5 - Two attached cam buckle straps keep the tent closed and compact, when sleeping bags or blankets have been left inside the tent. AUTOHOME Tente de Toit Maggiolina Airlander Small Ouverture parallèle. Take the same precautions for the roofs and under-roofs of vans and campers. For many years she has worked in the theatre as a dance teacher. The air cushion obtained by the internal alveolar panel and the anti- condensation foam allow a better thermal and acoustic insulation and a healthier and more silent place to rest in case of rain. Ladders are designed ergonomically with rounded aluminium profiles for easy use. Open, Columbus is the highest tent of all: great space inside for maximum comfort. 65 Kg. 6 - The poles supplied create a practical awning. The two parts of the ladder are held together by Arnitel plastic supports designed to be “open” to remove dirt ensuring a smooth sliding mechanism even on a sandy or muddy terrain. I should point out that one of the advantages of these tents is that, when they are closed, they only take up half of the space on the vehicle roof, leaving room for sports gear (for example for surfing or canoeing) or other equipment. 2017 Zifer Italia srl - Autohome® International Trade Mark Registration n° 886239 - Autohome® Community Trademark Registration N° 010962892 - All rights reserved, Il sito utilizza i cookie (tecnici propri e di profilazione di terze parti) per garantirti una migliore esperienza di navigazione e per offrirti, quando sei online, accesso alle funzionalità offerte dai principali social network. More than 200 hours of film are available, edited into a docufilm released the world over. Air-Camping. Living & sleeping areas are communicating but at the same time separate rooms. In 1958, Autohome built the worlds first rooftop tent. THE ORIGINAL BY AUTOHOME® Air-Camping is a synonym of roof top tents in fabric. He has transformed his passion for nature and exploration of far-off lands into a profession, as a journalist specializing in 4WD autos. 4. Air-Camping is ‘the’ fabric roof tent. The Plus range made with AIRTEX® fabric and with 4 openings. Even just a few centimetres more or less make a big difference: everything has been calculated to ensure that a person of average height (170-190 cm) can sit comfortably without the head coming close to the ceiling. Columbus is the top-of-the-range for frenetic globe-trotters, ideal for high vehicles and nowadays popular for family saloon cars. It will be available from September.Book it in time! 914,00 € TTC (Prix pour 1 PIECE) Voir Commander. It is used for camper awnings and large canvas protections, in sports and in prestige residences. Primerno za terenska vozila. Our tents are sealed against dust and water intrusion, deploy very quickly, provide comfort in any weather, and offer little air resistance when driving. Accessoires Air-Camping / Overland. Each window has dual closing with an outer and inner blind. Réf . I’ve always recommended roof tents, right from the start, over twenty years ago, because I knew they were practical, comfortable and safe. OL/04A. Ladders are available with the following lengths: Hooking up the elastic the fabric is drawn towards the centre of the tent, making it easier to close. Originally patented in 1959, and since 1961 has held an International Brand Patent.Sometimes it happens that a company brand is so well-known that the name refers to an entire product category. In this way, it can be used in rest areas and car-parks, not only in campsites. The windows also counter the wind effect and are flush with the walls, so do not billow. Teža: cca. EXPLORER POSTAVITEV. No “balloon/ball effect” because the roof is stable, sewn tightly to the walls. Excellent choice but unluckily the item immediately sold out. Overnight, on average, we lose about a third of a litre of water, in normal conditions, and this water vapour may become condensation. KIT NUIT POUR TENTE DE TOIT AUTOHOME AIR-CAMPING / OVERLAND. Ever since then our hard shell roof top tents have been the choice of expeditions on all seven continents. Autres modèles historiques de chez Autohome, la gamme de tentes de toit Air Camping. Once you have removed the cover, the tent opens in three seconds, simply by pulling down and lowering the ladder. You don’t change your mind after an Autohome tent, as many of my clients have proved. Side positioning: the tent will occupy only half of the car roof space. Réf . The figures speak for themselves: 168,000 km covered in 1,177 days, visiting 67 countries in 5 continents. On request, for SMALL and MEDIUM. The four standard aluminium poles lift the canvas of the doors turning them into sun shades. No ugly and impractical hooks. First choice materials, accurate finishes, attention to details mean that in the Autohome tent you sleep in a real bed, insulated from the heat and cold and soundproofed from rain noise. With its experience and the quality of its vision, Autohome was unlikely not to come up with a solution. For work or fun, he has driven in all the Continents: from the Amazon to Mongolia, from Australia to the Polar Circle, from Indonesia to South Africa. Autohome … It was appreciated by the most important buyers and travelers of various nationalities. Il sito utilizza i cookie (tecnici propri e di profilazione di terze parti) per garantirti una migliore esperienza di navigazione e per offrirti, quando sei online, accesso alle funzionalità offerte dai principali social network. 9 cm 9 cm. Nous proposons une gamme complète de tentes de toit Autohome. AUTOHOME Tente de Toit Maggiolina Airlander Small Ouverture parallèle. The ladder has no fixed position at the base of the tent and so can be placed to the left or right or at the centre of the entrance, as you wish, depending on the opening of the vehicle door. Close the tent, remove the flywheel and it is just like locking your front door. Other closing systems failed to pass Autohome tests for functioning and reliability. D E. A B. C. 4. Sizes: Small 130 x 110 Medium 160 x 110 Large 180 x 110 cm. Ouverture et entrée latérales. Standard bases include 2 strong C-shaped steel bars to hook the tent onto the vehicle roof rails, using the clamps supplied. Prilagoditev na zahtevo stranke. All of the above have made these tents legendary and enabled true motoring adventure. Whereas painting the shells would make them more likely to scratch, dent and become damaged during the journey. The tent opens in an instant, and closes quickly too. You can open and close the windows comfortably for inside the tent using the tie-rods as for blinds at home. Overland has softer, more blended colours. For example, many additional or double canvases are not much use. The exclusive Autohome security system allows all tents to be used on any vehicle: small cars, off-road vehicles, station-wagons, MPV’s (or people carriers), camper vans, and pick-up trucks... A universal, quick attachment system, allows you to position the tent safely in any position, with no risk of damage or modifications to the body of the vehicle. Coque polyester et fibre de verre. Any Overland Tent and Air Camping model can be fitted with: - Verandah in standard neutral colours: in matching Gray and Carbon, self-supporting, without the vehicle needing to be present on the campsite. After all, in his career which started far back in 1990, he has been accompanied by many titles and appellations: engineer, tour leader, maestro… But he is always the one and only Roberto “the wizard” of the mechanics shop, capable of transforming a vehicle into something that will be able to withstand challenges reaching beyond imagination. Our products … Therefore, choose carefully! Opening with 3 adjustable ribs supporting the fabric. Posso dire prima di tutto che sono tende eccellenti nell’uso e offrono grande vivibilità interna. Autohome® mattresses ae of the highest quality and density of 25-30 kg/m³. In 1958, Autohome built the worlds first rooftop tent. Meaning, they are perfect for the Sahara and people like me who love the desert! 2. Over 70 articles have been written about the tour, and there have been over 150,000 clicks. An example of a roof rack for motor cars without water channels. Descubra todos nuestros campings Villages con una ubicación ideal en España y váyase de vacaciones al camping de su elección. With the Air-Camping fabric, everything is flush to the walls of the tent, preventing the irritating “sail” effect in windy conditions. Only the colours of the fabric change. The windows can be opened and closed even staying in bed. Autohome. The sponge rubber, with removable polyester/cotton lining, is comfortable and does not go out of shape. The windows can be opened and closed with internal tie-rods like shutters at home. The Air Top employs gas-ram activated lift arms and opens quickly and effortlessly. A positionner sous le matelas pour permettre à l'air de passer entre le matelas et la base de la tente. Comfort is not compromised. The flywheel is a practical way of opening the tent, but useful for closing too: you don’t have to climb up over the vehicle to close the tent! Avec thermostat et indicateur de présence ... Suitable for people, who “never stop”: practical and lightweight accessory. Made of resin bonded nylon fibre and aluminium powder. Réf . No ball or balloon effect which would be noisy and stretch and strain the stitching. Suitable for people, who “never stop”: practical and lightweight accessory, it can also be used as a small verandah thanks to its zip. And that is not all… I’ve always believed in the concept of a roof tent The advantages of an excellent roof tent are so obvious it seems strange that it took so long for the idea to be accepted. It is resistant to UV rays, saline environment and temperature changes. The story of Vula Netou and how she took up adventure travel is fascinating. Useful in campsites and residential areas that do not allow vehicles to enter during the night. Roof tents are practically immediately available, they are practical and are an excellent shelter from the weather when you’re sleeping outdoors. Eugenio Martignani has a long track record in adventure travel on board a series of off-road vehicles. 65 Kg. With the advanced design of the Autohome® roof, no other devices – noisy and inefficient dehumidifiers and fans or solar chimneys and the like – are needed. Sa configuration particulière assure le maximum d'adhérence même pendant le voyage. A design must manufactured in Italy as defined by a high executive of the purchasing department of a famous car manufacturing company. Unlike conventional paints used for bodywork, Gelcoat is applied thickly in the mould during stratification, so it amalgamates perfectly with the fiberglass. A tour leader, he teaches off-road driving and lives in Padua when he isn’t driving through the desert. Se selezioni "Continuare" o accedi a qualunque contenuto presente sul nostro sito senza definire le tue scelte, acconsenti all'utilizzo dei cookie. 80,00 € TTC (Prix pour 1 KIT) Voir Commander . Precio mostrado con impuestos de Andorra, recogida en Andorra. Fiberglass shells for Autohome® tents are made by laying out layers of carbon fiber in special moulds, and impregnating them with special resin for hardness. In the past, I have given technical and theoretical rather than practical advice, but now it’s the other way round. Now with more than 60 years engineering and constructing premium tents, we know what works. There are many different tent materials and systems available on the market, which give rise to problems or provide benefits according to their quality and workmanship. In addition, it is “creaseless” and allows the rain to drain off quickly whilst standing up to the wind. Paolo Marin, born in the Veneto region of Italy but, by choice, a citizen of the world, is the founder of the well-known and much appreciated Photo Challenge "A trip everyone can manage". Οι σκηνές οροφής αυτοκινήτων είναι μια ιταλική εφεύρεση, που κατασκευάστηκε για πρώτη φορά το 1958. And yet he really masters technology! La serie OVERLAND/AIR-CAMPING cuenta con los siguentes accesorios adicionales (se venden por separado) 1 )Comedor independiente 2) Vestidor (del mismo color de … Elle fut brevetée en 1959 et elle est depuis 1961 une marque déposée au niveau international. Filet élastique perméable et anti-condensation en polypropylène très léger, qui ne se déforme pas et permet à l'air de passer entre le matelas et la base de la tente. Now his presence has become a consolidated tradition: nothing passes unless approved by Manocchi. Avenida Francesc Cairat, 9 AD600 St. Julià de Lòria, PPDO DE ANDORRA. Max. This is the Autohome range of fabric tents. Should the standing time be longer, the tent becomes a well-structured, comfortable and safe module, (art OL/06A) to go camping in a traditional way; this is possible thanks to its ground feet. You can fit: Small + Small, Medium + Small or Medium + Medium on large vehicl. poids : 65 kgs environ. It is opened very easily from the inside of the tent, and it has a fabric roof with a mid-grey colour and side panels of dark blue. A strong tear-proof hood protects the tent when it is closed and while travelling. The fabric is simply folded and turned up so the rain can run off smoothly outside the tent. A new feature we have waited years for and presented by Autohome® for the first time in Germany, at the Düsseldorf 2017 Caravan Salon. 11 cm 11 cm. Air-Camping is the only roof tent with the trademark: fitted with wind-proof windows (for silent nights) easily opened from inside the tent, a mid grey fabric roof with dark blue side panels and yellow mosquito netting protection. The width (SMALL /MEDIUM /LARGE) depends on the number of occupants. Now with more than 60 years engineering and constructing premium tents, we know what works. Autohome … Streha in stene šotora so narejene iz 420 g/m2 tekstila iz mešanice bombaža in akrila - tkanina diha, je nepremočljiva in ne prepereva. Ladders available on the market are not used. No tedious manual operations to stretch out the tent or fold up support arms every time the tent is opened or closed. The hood is made of strong electro-welded PVC with additional internal reinforcements. Excellent choice but unluckily this item is sold out. For Explorer, the guides are moved to the holes on the Overland floor. Autohome represents “history” and the continuous development of roof tents for vehicles; the company is the market leader with products that just can’t be copied. Simple, practical, without ugly and clumsy hooks. Hoisting of the tent is very easy: two gas springs raise the shell which has a front hinge. The C-shaped steel rails integrated into the bases of all Autohome models strengthen the structure and make it possible to fix the tent to the roof bars by means of special clamps. 4 clamps are provided as standard for simple, easy mounting according to the rules. 9,5 cm 9,5 cm. Go to sleep at AutoCamp and wake up to some of America’s greatest landscapes. OLC/07A for cars, Art. Without the flywheel the shells cannot be opened or closed. Akis Temperidis is one of the greatest of all contemporary travellers. The tent stays perfectly taut and the “veil” effect prevents tearing and damage from the wind. Dangling handles in tent shells are noisy at night due to the wind, one of the most common complaints in the sector. The installation can be customized and adapted to roof racks of different sizes and distances between the bars, without the need for cumbersome changes or holes in the tent shell. 3 - Overland is ready in a moment: your holiday can afford any comfort you would like to have. Unhooked, the fabric is taut and unwrinkled, as experts have repeatedly testified. Safety is priceless for us at Autohome and for this reason our research and development centre has always worked on two fronts: first to guarantee "no problem journeys" and second to ensure "peaceful nights". For everyone, not only for those who turned travel and outdoor life into a passion, “Maggiolina” and “Air-Camping” are an historical synonym for … 2. This combination of professional experience and passion makes him an ideal tester for Autohome products. Autohome. The automatic pop-up, swivel opening is the main reason for the Air-Campings’ success: since 1959, it has remained unchanged, faithful to its original design and well known simplicity. 4 - The removable inner elastic cords (supplied) make folding the fabric much simpler. Experience has taught us that for the outdoors this is an essential feature for wellbeing inside the tent. A design must manufactured in Italy as defined by a high executive of the purchasing department of a famous car manufacturing company. According to our testers’ experience, we have understood that also Overland verandah shall be independent. For some vehicles the tent can be attached directly to the vehicle roof runners. Easy to use for extra stability in strong winds. The two large doors can easily be turned into sun shades, using the standard aluminium poles. This exclusive “structural” system creates an “air cushion” preventing 24 7 the formation of moisture and condensation inside the tent. The gas springs are fitted with Windstops to lock the spring supporting the upper shell, making for greater stability in strong winds. Mid-century modern design in unlikely spaces—from iconic Airstreams to spacious Tents—means you can relax in comfort, while still feeling deeply connected to the land. After exhausting tests on the field, the Wizard of the auto workshop declared: “A very innovative closure makes the concept of functionality in the sector take a giant leap forward. Excellent choice but unluckily the item immediately sold out.Please check again another time. And yet it did! PIEDS OVERLAND. ... The hood covers the tent and is fixed by elastic around the perimeter, fitting onto hooks under the tent. 11 cm 11 cm. 1959 patentiert, ist Air-Camping seit 1961 eine international eingetragene Marke. Art. Le système de fixation exclusif Autohome permet de fixer les tentes sur tout type de véhicule: petites voitures, tous-terrains, breaks, monospaces, camping-cars, fourgons, pick-ups… Un système universel, rapide et sûr qui, au moyen de barres de toit, permet de fixer la tente dans la position souhaitée, sans aucun risque ni modification à la carrosserie.

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